Our experienced team came from different backgrounds and fields, with one mission to end plastic waste issues while improving the wellbeing of Indonesia's seaweed farmers.


David Christian

Chief of Sales, Marketing and Impact/ Co-founder

An innovative entrepreneur with business background in Canada, Mr. Christian is the head of Micro Business and Creative Industry in a local entrepreneurial association. He will lead the sales and marketing team. He is also responsible for ensuring that Evoware achieves its social and environmental impact goals.


Edwin Aldrin

Business and Financial Advisor / Co-founder

An experienced business, investment and financial advisor with more than 10 years experience advising businesses, especially social impact businesses. He believes in helping people achieve their best. His passion is in Social Impact. He founded Evoware at the beginning with David, and acts as an active advisor for the company’s management. He is also a CFA Level 3 Candidate.


Noryawati Mulyono

Chief of R&D and Innovation/Co-founder

A respectful inventor and Doctor in biotechnology, she is an entrepreneur in multiple seaweed sectors. She’s a lecturer on biotech in a well-known university in Jakarta, and has served as the head of R&D and technical sales in multinational companies for more than 18 years. She will lead R&D for product development and innovation.


Benyamin Gunawan

Chief of Production/ Co-founder

An engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the large scale production field, Mr. Gunawan is responsible for all the production processes of Evoware. His goal is  to achieve the highest quality product.



Chief of Purchasing & Maintenance/Co-Founder

An engineering designer with more than 20 years experience in machinery design and maintenance, as well as purchasing. Mr. Surianto has prior experience as an owner and production manager in multinational firms. He will be responsible for the overall purchasing process to supply the best quality seaweed, as well as for machinery maintenance supporting production areas.


Sizigia Pikhansa

Creative and Marketing Manager

A communication strategist specifically in the sustainability field with past experience in a creative agency. She has played different roles and worked closely with various sectors, i.e. governments, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, schools, etc. Supporting the Chief of Sales & Marketing, she will be in charge of online and offline marketing and communication strategy for Evoware.