With over 150 million tons of plastic waste contaminating the ocean, the problem with plastic pollution is real, and it requires urgent attention. Evoware’s Seaweed-Based Packaging is a timely and relevant innovation to combat plastic pollution by replacing conventional plastic packaging for food and non-food products. Unlike plastic, Seaweed-Based Packaging will not linger on our planet for centuries because it is 100% biodegradable and even edible. In addition, this packaging is high in fiber and contains beneficial nutrients that are naturally occurring in the seaweed, therefore safe and good for humans, animals and the earth.

Working directly with seaweed farmers, Evoware is helping to improve the livelihood of seaweed farmers while also providing a sustainable alternative to plastic. Being comprised of thousands of islands, Indonesia has so many potentials for cultivating seaweed. However, a large volume of seaweed production is not utilized, and most seaweed farmers are poor due to a long marketing chain. Therefore, seaweed as the raw material used to make Evoware’s Seaweed Based Packaging is a sustainable resource and a promising economic commodity.

From that cause, we wrote proposals and entered the DBS Foundation Grant Program to develop this innovation. Started back in 2017, we joined DBS-NSU Social Venture Asia and was listed in the idea category. We succeeded in becoming one of the winners and was granted with the award and a mentorship or incubation program. A year after, Evoware was part of DBS Foundation Grant Program and won the grant as the 2018 awardee. This grant is used towards increasing Evoware’s production capability in order to increase the scale of our business and ensuring more social and environmental impact is given to the wider society. We are very thankful for every support we received and working on manifesting one impact at a time!