At the same period we informed as a winner of Social Venture Challenge Asia – Idea Category, we also announced as one of the winners of New Plastics Economy’s $1million Circular Design Challenge. We were granted $1 million to develop our edible seaweed-based packaging as an alternative for single use plastic packaging. We were awarded along with MIWA, Algramo, Delta, CupClub and TrioCup by Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries at the Our Ocean Conference 2017 in Malta.

Circular Design Challenge is part of New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize which is led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and ran in collaboration with OpenIDEO. This challenge aims to drive the development of new packaging formats and or/ delivery models that can be alternatives to conventional plastic packaging. The challenge focused on the 30% small format plastic packaging that are either too small or too complex to be recycled and often find their way into the ocean, for example shampoo sachets, wrappers, straws and coffee cup lids.

Evoware’s seaweed-based packaging came out as promising idea as a new plastic that is safe for nature, even the animal and human. Our seaweed-based packaging use only natural ingredient without hazardous material and is nutritious. It is water soluble and convenient which is great for small sachet like coffee sachet, seasoning sachet, and cereal sachet as you can throw it to hot water without opening the sachet. It’s also biodegradable and will become food source for plants and animal. Our new innovation also able to make it water resistant which works for liquid and semi liquid content such as shampoo and soap.

We were competing with 600 other innovators around the world where we completed the Research Phase, Ideas Phase and Refinement Phase. It was a fun competition as we could share ideas, data and insight publicly and people could comment, give input or even apply our insight to their ideas. We could also meet potential partner as their ideas complement our ideas. This challenge also helps us to really create solutions that is user friendly and functional.

Very happy that beside receiving the grant we also get the chance to join the New Plastics Economy Accelerator Program, a 12-month program to help us develop our innovation. We can learn from industry experts that can help us with almost any subject. The kick off program is held this January in Switzerland, a very good start for this year!

We also thankful that we got a lot of exposure from this competition that pushes us to grow faster and better. Hopefully with the grant we can scale up soon to provide all the requests from wonderful businesses who are ready to create cleaner earth. Thank you all for never ending support, we really need it to work day and night doing better and better each and every day. For mama earth and for us!


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