Ello Jello

We collaborate with local seaweed farmers to provide best quality seaweed for our material that can give you many benefits. Ello Jello is actually food that works as tableware.

  • It has the same function as a single-use cup, but it’s safe to be consumed
  • Eco-friendly: compostable, biodegrades in 30 days and works as plant fertilizer
  • Comes in different flavours
  • Nutritious, gluten free and gelatin free, with no preservatives and artificial sweeteners

Product Detail


Orange, lychee, peppermint, and green tea


10cm and 8.5cm


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Now you can make your own cups directly in your kitchen. Contact us for the best price for Ello Jello powder and mouldings. 


Be our partner, join the movement to reduce plastic waste and get special benefits. Please contact us for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Ello Jello really edible?

Yup, you can eat the whole cup! Ello Jello is food designed as a single-use cup. It's made from seaweed and natural ingredients, without preservatives, artificial sweeteners, gluten or gelatin. It provides health benefits and is good for your diet! 

What does the cup taste and feel like?

Ello Jello is neutral in flavor so it doesn't change the taste of your drink, but it has different scents from different flavors: orange, lychee, green tea and peppermint. The texture feels like a more solid form of jelly, and it isn't sticky.

How long is the expiration of Ello Jello?

Since we don’t use preservatives in our products, Ello Jello can stand at room temperature for 3 days, and 7 days in a refrigerator – but do not freeze it.  

Can Ello Jello endure hot drinks?

Yes, Ello Jello can hold up to hot water; however, we do not recommend it because it will change the taste of the drink and the texture of the cup. But don't worry, we will be launching a new cup that's suitable for hot water soon. Please stay tuned!